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From its inception, FARMABANK PHARMACEUTICAL LTD has been led by Mr. Pulak Sharma and Dr. Priyanka Sharma. As co-CEOs, they have had the unique ability to share the leadership load required for a young company such as FARMABANK PHARMACEUTICAL LTD to become the world’s leading CBD manufacturer and wholesaler. Their backgrounds in oil, gas, and pharmaceuticals have given them a unique perspective on the CBD industry. They understand CBD’s future both as a nutraceutical and pharmaceutical.

Mr. Pulak Sharma


MR.Pulak Sharma is co-CEO of FARMABANK PHARMACEUTICAL LTD; a science-based manufacturing company focused on the large-scale production of THC-free PCR full spectrum CBD Oil and THC-free broad spectrum CBD Isolate. After completing his B.S. in chemical engineering from Purdue University, Mr. Sharma joined UOP LLC as a Technical Advisor where he collaborated with the R&D catalyst team and managed phenol plant refinery startups in Yeosu, South Korea, and Corpus Christi, Texas. During this time, Mr. Sharma sharpened his technical communication skills by leading customer interaction during optimization as well as solving mechanical issues simultaneously with plant operators. Mr. Sharma delivered on project goals to upper management and received excellence in engineering award from Honeywell. Mr. Sharma decided to pursue his MBA from Kelly School of Business soon after where he gained experience with Danaher Corporation analyzing adjacent markets for potential acquisitions and entry. Soon after he completed his degree, Mr. Sharma joined 3M as a corporate strategy associate. In his first year as an associate in the corporate arm of 3M, Mr. Sharma developed a go-to-market strategy for a high margin product line for international markets. The implementation of this strategy resulted in $1M in sales over a six-month period. Mr. Sharma developed expertise in creating customer-oriented playbooks, ROI tools, sales acceleration playbooks, landscape analysis, and evaluating markets and value chains by understanding growth drivers. He joined FARMABANK PHARMACEUTICAL LTD as co-CEO with Dr. Priyanka Sharma where he manages a team of scientists and engineers and continues to improve the technology for large-scale production of botanical extracts from industrial hemp. Mr. Sharma is passionate about making this product available for international markets and uses his technical and business skills to grow FARMABANK PHARMACEUTICAL LTD and position it as the largest producer of CBD products in the U.S. Mr. Sharma has a bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University & a Masters in Business Administration from Indiana University Kelley School of Business.

Dr. Priyanka Sharma


DR.Priyanka Sharma is co-CEO of FARMABANK PHARMACEUTICAL LTD, a manufacturing company which focuses on the large-scale production of botanical extracts from industrial hemp. Together, Dr. Sharma and her co-CEO Mr. Sharma, manage a team of engineers and scientists at their 200,000 sq.ft. facility in Watkins, CO. Prior to her role at FARMABANK PHARMACEUTICAL LTD, Dr. Sharma completed her doctorate in chemical engineering under the supervision of Dr. Sohail Murad at the University of Illinois at Chicago. During this time, Dr. Sharma published three journal articles, one review article, and one book chapter all focusing on her work in molecular modeling of functionalized gold nanoparticles with various ligands and their behavior in biological systems. Towards the end of her graduate degree, Dr. Sharma worked closely with Orochem Technologies, Inc. to secure an SBIR (small business innovation research) grant from the National Science Foundation focusing on developing a predictive model to understand chiral separations of orphan drugs. Even after completing her graduate studies, she continues to be passionate about the use of molecular modeling in industrial applications in the biotechnology field. Dr. Sharma maintains her role as an adjunct scientist at Orochem Technologies, Inc. while managing FARMABANK PHARMACEUTICAL LTD and mentoring other post-docs and undergraduate students involved in the SBIR program. At FARMABANK PHARMACEUTICAL LTD, Dr. Sharma is enthusiastic towards mentoring young engineers and operators and building a strong manufacturing team. For Dr. Sharma, a strong team is the foundation of a successful manufacturing company, one that she hopes to replicate around the world to provide international markets with botanical extracts from industrial hemp. Dr. Sharma has a bachelors in Chemical Engineering & a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, both from the University of Illinois at Chicago.