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Know Your CBD wholesale supplier

/Know Your CBD wholesale supplier
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We want to help arm the CBD industry to help buyers of CBD product make sure that they are dealing with actual wholesale supplier . Below you will find a list of questions that legitimate large-scale producers of broad spectrum CBD Isolate and THC-Free full spectrum CBD Oil should be able to answer.

Do they have a facility?

A reputable wholesale supplier should be able to provide proof of an ACTUAL wholesale supplier facility– ask them to furnish pictures or set up a showing. Be confident that they are the real deal. If they want to meet you at your local coffee shop, RUN!

FYI: some “wholesale supplier” are actually operating from the basement of their homes. Again, RUN!

Rule of thumb: If they are dodging this question, they probably don’t have a facility. You wouldn’t buy any other nutraceutical or pharmaceutical product from someone’s basement, would you?

Can they grab actual product quickly from their facility?

wholesale supplier should be able to grab a bottle of their product from their facility as physical evidence that they are the manufacturer. Even a small sample (50g) would be fine.

Do they have proper regulatory licenses and wholesale supplier certifications?

This will tell you a lot about their commitment and adherence to quality and high-operational standards.

Do they have COAs (Internal or 3rd party) for their product?

Farmabank has its own full-scale analytical lab to provide potency and solvent residual testing. In addition, we regularly verify our results through third-party ISO certified labs.

Are they exaggerating claims about their production capacity?

There seems to be a massive discrepancy between ACTUAL vs. CLAIMED production capabilities in the industrial hemp market. There are several scrupulous organizations claiming to hold 200 or 300 kilos in their “facility”. They may also claim that they are able to produce thousands of kilos of broad spectrum CBD isolate a month. If you haven’t been able to purchase more than 5-10kg at a time, then that should tell you all you need to know about their actual production capabilities.

Bottom line: They are straight up lying to you.

Farmabank  holds itself to a higher standard. Contact us ( Phone: +905376111591 ) and you will see why we are the only premier CBD manufacturer. We are confident we can meet your quality, volume and lead time expectations.